Professor Child believes in the power of children teaching children through film.

Professor Child develops educational films and workbooks for children focusing on challenging events that may arise in a child’s life like divorce, death and grief, growing up in a military family, and autism.

Our documentary-style films highlight the personal stories of children who have experienced these challenges firsthand. Their stories offer advice, hope and an understandable message for any child going through a similar life altering event. In each film, children share their experience with the specific topic, what has helped, what they’ve learned, and advice for other children.

Professor Child is the creation of three mothers coming together with a fundamental belief in empowering children. Get to know us by following us on Facebook, and follow the Professor Child Blog for timely and informative articles for inspiration and child-focused topics. And we’d love to hear your suggestions for future film topics.


Rory Kidder


Rory Kidder is a friend and loving teacher to many children. With a Masters in Teacher Education, she is a former elementary school teacher. Although she is no longer teaching in a classroom, she continues to work with children on a daily basis as a tutor. In her spare time she enjoys writing children’s stories. As a mother, a public school teacher for nine years, and a tutor for the past four years, Rory has always been an advocate for children. Reach Rory at


Jenni O’Keefe


Jenni O’Keefe first became motivated to develop healing tools for children after a personal search for children’s bereavement tools. After searching for materials focused on hope and healing, she was dismayed at the lack of relatable tools available for parents dealing with difficult situations with their children. Jenni’s personal search for a healing and hopeful message became the inspiration for Professor Child. Reach Jenni at


Sharon Richards


Sharon Richards is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has worked with children and adults as a mental health therapist for the past 15 years. She currently works for St. Charles Behavioral Health in Bend, Oregon. The most rewarding part of Sharon’s work is helping people realize that they have their own answers if they take the time to listen to their own inner voice. Reach Sharon at