Advice for a Joyful Middle School Morning

This summer we interviewed middle school age kids for our upcoming film on what it’s like to transition from elementary to middle school. We interviewed children who are entering middle school and those who are already in middle school. We spent the day with these engaging kids, and as in all Professor Child productions, learned so much from them.

One of the topics that came up over and over again, was about the difficult time they all had waking up early and getting ready for school on time. They all talked about the importance of setting an alarm clock, preparing their backpacks the night before, showering tactics (whether to shower the night before to save time, or in the morning to wake up), and much more. But one seventh grade girl, Kenzie, shared some advice that we hadn’t heard before.

Kenzie shared her morning routine of waking up fifteen minutes earlier than she needs to to do something exciting; something that makes her happy and want to get up.

“I walk my dog every morning cuz it’s something exciting and I look forward to it. Then I get ready for school and do that stuff. But it’s easier to wake up to something exciting and be excited to wake up, rather than wake up like ten minutes before you’re supposed to leave and not be excited. And just, you know, wake up and be in a good mood and start your day out good.”

We love this advice! What a great way to start your day by doing something that brings you joy. We also love that something as simple as going on a walk with your dog and being outside in nature is exciting and joyful for Kenzie. We would love to hear from you and your middle school aged children to answer this question: If you were to wake up fifteen minutes early to do something that brings you joy, what would it be? Please post your answers on our Facebook page or email us at As always, we look forward to hearing from you.



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