Help Professor Child Produce Additional Films

Professor Child needs your help. We are applying to receive a Chase Mission Main Street Grant. With the proceeds of the grant we will be able to continue our work in producing award winning films. In addition to helping get the currents films “Children and Divorce”, “Children and Grief”, and “Children of Military Families” into…

Children and Grief: Preview the New Film Packaging

We are pleased to announce the new DVD packing for the film “Children and Grief: Children Teaching Children About Grief”. The packaging includes photos of the children who participated in the film. These new films will be released in November of this year.    

Children and Divorce: Preview the New Film Packaging

We are excited to announce that we will be introducing new packaging for our film Children and Divorce.  This new packaging will feature two of the eight children that came together to share their personal divorce stories. With the launch of the new packaging, we will be celebrating the second year of the videos release….

Life’s Big Questions

At Professor Child we are continuing to ask the children in our lives, Life’s Big Questions. We encourage you to ask these questions too.      

Children and Grief: A Film Review

The following review was written about the film “Children and Grief” and is authored by a counselor and character coach.  Thank you Barbara at Corner on Character. A Big Find For Small Groups “One of my favorite days this summer was when Heather, who was in second grade when I started working at Westwood-Bales, came…