Children and Divorce: Children Teaching Children About Divorce DVD Review

Children and Divorce Educational Film by Professor Child

We are pleased to have had such a favorable review written in the School Library Journal, February 2013 about Children & Divorce.

School Library Journal, February 2013
By Ann Brownson, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston

Eight elementary school-age children whose parents have divorced respond to a variety of prompts posed in this video. Most of them are far enough away from the time of the divorce to have developed a more mature perspective about it. The producers understood that children have much to teach their contemporaries about what has happened to them and their families, and have let them share their experiences, both good and bad, and offer advice to other kids and to parents. Some of the prompts included are biggest worries, caught in the middle, what has changed since the divorce, things that help, and hopes and dreams. The 32-page workbook that can be downloaded for the website offers many discussion questions and opportunities to draw and write. The video and workbook may be used in a group or individual counseling session over a period of many days or weeks; it shouldn’t be viewed in its entirety in one sitting. The video may also be downloaded from the website.

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