Children & Divorce Film Review

We are so happy to bring you another “Children and Divorce” film review. Thank you to everyone for the positive feedback. We are so happy that this film is helping so many children and their parents.

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Children and Divorce Film Review

Monkey was only 18 months old when his father and I separated. It has been almost 4 years, but it still affects him in some ways. His father isn’t in the picture, hasn’t called to talk to him, or contacted me to check up on him at all since Easter of last year, and prior to that, it had been 7 months since the last call, and it’s pretty much been like that the whole time.

Monkey has asked a few questions here and there about it all, but doesn’t talk about his father much. When he talks to his friends and they ask him where his Daddy is, he says “Oh, I don’t have one anymore”. I’ve told him where he is, who he is, show him pictures etc.. so he knows he does have a father, but I guess even at the young age of 5, he has decided to just dismiss his relationship with his “Daddy”. I sometimes think it’s harder on me than it is him, but then I take a look at his behavior.

Since we separated, he has acted out. The older he gets, the worse it was getting. For the past year, Mr. has stepped up as the father figure in his life, and has helped me tremendously with his behavior. Monkey looks up to him, calls him his best friend, and that he likes him “whole bunches”.

Mr. has two young children of his own that currently live in Ohio and are now having to deal with all of the separation issues that Monkey has dealt with for a few years. Neither of us knew where to turn to help them all understand what was going on.

That’s where Professor Child came in. They have made a film all about Children and Divorce. The best part? It’s for children, BY children! We all know that children tend to listen to other children better than they do adults, and Professor Child has used that concept to help children that have been affected by divorce. The film has children coming together, sharing their stories about divorce. It helps children understand what divorce is, how it affects them and their lives, and most importantly, that it is NOT THEIR FAULT!

Mr. and I are a bit cautious about what the children watch, so we watched it first. His children will be back down here in 2 months, and at that time, we plan on sitting all 3 of them down and putting on the film. I know there will be a lot of questions, but hopefully they will have a better understanding of the situation and can start to heal.

Thank you Professor Child for your great films!

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