“Children & Divorce”…a movie review

We are pleased to bring you a film review first published in October issue of Local Views & Events in Central Oregon by Kyle Van Gordon / 17 years old.

This is a very meaningful review as it was written by a teenager from a family of divorce.


When parents go through a divorce, I get frustrated when they (and everyone around them) only see the parents going through the divorce. Kids go through any traumatic events just like an adult, and no amount of assertion that they shouldn’t be involved will change that. Adults can get so high on their pedestals supporting one side that they forget the kids suffering in between- and that’s not right.

That is why I liked Children & Divorce because it stepped back from the often overplayed drama divorcing parents, and instead focused on how the children of such parents fought through their short-term tragedies and long-term adversities.

As a 17 year old dealing with the hardship of divorced parents, I can relate to their feelings of the children in “Children & Divorce”, and even find similarities in their experiences compared to mine. I did feel that the intended audience of Children & Divorce was too young for me, perhaps divorce when the kids are older is atypical. Either way, Children & Divorce was designed for the younger set, what with its upbeat music, chalkboard graphics, and easy-to-understand, elementary advice. But what Children & Divorce does for younger kids, it does very well. The advice offered from kids to kids going through divorce is innocent, honest, and encouraging. It’s also quite informative- teaching kids that there are others in the same situation elsewhere in the world, and teaching parents that it’s the kids who matter, not their own selfish desires. Watch this video, then show it to your children when they’re ready- no use pounding and compounding emotional topics on them in the early stages of the divorce.

My final message, this time to kids: there will come a day when you need your parents. Even if you hate them now, keep them close, and protect your siblings. And keep optimism: Life has its ups and downs, but if you focus on the ups, there’s less downs.

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