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Having gone through grieving myself, this film WILL do children good. Every feeling these kids have is spot on. Parents – if you can’t find the right words to say, let this film help. These kids on this film are real with real touching stories. These children show their courageousness despite going through the loss of someone they loved. It’s true, children can teach other children. We see it all the time, don’t we?

No matter if your child is grieving now or perhaps later in life when they find out the true story of their loss, this film can help them get through the hard times and the sad times. There is no time limit on grieving and no one said it had to be done by a certain time…and by no means is a year long enough! My grieving story (or lack of) is different from these kids’ story. Perhaps one day this DVD will come in handy for me to share with my grand kids. Until then, I will finish watching it, then tuck it away for later. Thank you Professor Child – you got it right!!

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