Children and Grief Film Review

The following is a review of the film Children and Grief. The review is written by Jenn at Organic Mama.

We’ve all been there, forced to say our final goodbyes to someone we know and love. And as adults it’s often a time for confusion, anger and sadness – but how do you think a child would feel losing someone they love? Children and Grief is a beautiful film surrounding the lives of ten brave children who share their stories of losing a loved one.

The film is exactly what any child facing the loss of a loved one needs to watch. Not only do the children in the film discuss their grief over losing someone, but they also share how they are coping and even healing in the aftermath. What these children share with the viewers is real – and the advice they give is very valuable to children aged 4-17.

The film leaves its viewers with a sense of hope and greater understanding of what they’re feeling. It puts into words what we as parents would struggle to say. Plus we all know how children’s words have the ability to resonate with our children more-so than our own words sometimes can. For just that reason alone, I find this to be a valuable resource for any family to have.

This film is designed to be viewed one or two chapters at a time, opposed to the entire film at once. This allows parents to open up the lines of communication with their child and reflect on the film as well as real life. even has a wonderful (and free) companion workbook to download on their site. It boasts various exercises that correspond with the film in case you’re at a loss for words, yourself.
The film is reasonably priced at just $34.99 and is available for purchase at

Parents, prepare yourself and your children for the unthinkable by purchasing a copy right now. You’ll be thankful you did.

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