Children and Grief: A Film Review from School Library Journal

The School Library Journal’s August 2013 features a review of the film “Children and Grief: Children Teaching Children About Grief”.

As this program opens, 10 children ranging in age from four to 14 discuss the loss of someone close to them: a parent, a sibling, an uncle, or a grandparent. Over the course of the video, they respond honestly and bravely to 10 prompts, describing what grief means to hem, how they are coping, and things they wish others, particularly adults, would do to help them heal. One childe talks about the failure of a teacher to acknowledge the death of this loved one, but explains how other adults and friends really helped. Production quality is quite good, and the children speak for the most part. Chapter selection is optional. A companion workbooks is available on the website ( where there are also links to online resources dealing with grief. A very good addition to a school counseling library.

-Ann Brownson, Easter Illinois University, Charleston

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