Children Helping Children

At Professor Child, we have recently been inspired by the Sparrow Club, where kids help kids in medical need. Sparrow Clubs exist to set the stage for simple yet heroic acts of kindness by empowering kids to help others. At Sparrow, kids work together to provide financial and emotional support for critically ill children and their families. Sparrow Clubs are proof that you’re never too young to make a difference. We recently asked some Sparrow Club kids to share what the Sparrow experience has meant to them.

Joe C.
“I like being a Sparrow member because I have the chance to make a difference in kid’s lives who have health issues. Helping kids make me feel good inside.”

Ashley S.
“Helping with Sparrow Club means so much to me. It feels good to help someone and have fun doing it. I feel as a member of the Sparrow Club at Highland (Elementary School), that raising money for local kids that are just like us, makes a big impact on our community. In Sparrow Club, we learn that helping others can make a big difference. And we are doing all that we can to help Abraham and his family afford his medical needs.”

Sparrow Club – Children Teaching Children

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