Children of Military Families Film Review

Our newest film “Children of Military Families” has just received another wonderful review from school counselor Marissa Rex on her blog Thank you Marissa.

“You may remember a film review I wrote a little over a year ago about Professor Child’s wonderful films, Children and Grief and Children and Divorce. I recently watched another film called Children of Military Families.

This production is just as great as the other two! The film stars real children discussing the real struggle of having a parent in the military serving overseas. There are a variety of age groups and ethnicities, and feature both male and female children. The advice and stories feel truly authentic, not scripted or forced the way many resources can be.

I have numerous students who struggle with the stress, fear, and confusion that can come with a parent who has been deployed (or will be deployed). It can be difficult to find quality materials for these individuals and their families; I am so excited to share this new film with my school community!

I highly recommend that you check out these films at Professor Child’s website and consider purchasing your own copies. Trust me. They are worth it! Although the topics are intense, the films are hopeful and remind you that you are not alone.

You can purchase a digital version of the film (available for immediate digital download) or a DVD. Additionally, Professor Child offers a FREE workbook that includes over 50 pages of thought-provoking discussion questions and creative exercises. The workbook is divided into 12 chapters that correspond directly with the film, which makes things even easier for busy school counselors. Plus, did I mention it’s FREE?! ;)”

The complete review can be read at:

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