Children of Military Families -These kids are special

Children of Military Families – These kids are special

Yesterday I had my teeth cleaned. Fortunately, this blog post is not about my teeth, but it does involve my dental hygienist, Holly. Holly always takes time to ask about Professor Child and what we’re currently working on. Yesterday, in between scraping the plaque off my teeth and discussing my receding gums, I shared that we were close to finishing our third film, Children of Military Families. Little did I know, Holly grew up in a military family and was very interested to hear all about the film.

I shared with Holly something that always happens to me when viewing one of our films… I think I know ahead of time what the kids are going to share about their experience, yet I am constantly humbled and enlightened by hearing their stories. After producing Children of Military Families, I now have a whole new understanding of what it’s like to have a parent in the military deployed over seas.

One of my favorite quotes in the film is from Josiah. When asked if he felt different from kids who aren’t part of a military family, he said, “Well, we have that special something about us. Kind of like that t-shirt that says ‘I survived’, that thing, yeah.” After hearing their stories, I get what Josiah means. These kids ARE special. They have experienced a unique and challenging life event. As I listened to their stories, I could not help but feel their bravery, courage, resilience, strength and perseverance.  Josiah is right. They have that “special something”, yeah.

As Holly and I continued to talk about life in a military family, she shared something with me. Because she grew up in a military family, Holly said that she doesn’t do well when everything is going smoothly and routinely in her life. She does much better when something unexpected or challenging is thrown her way. I looked at her and saw something I had never seen before. I saw the little girl inside of her and that “special something” shining brightly right before my very eyes.



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