Deployment and Education

Deployment and Education

One of the wonderful perks of working at Professor Child is the opportunity to learn about and speak to amazing organizations. Just this last month we discovered two organizations making a difference in the lives of military families.

The Military Children’s Collaborative Group, and the Boston based, Staying Strong program, both do remarkable work to support military families. In addition to coordinating services and programs, both organizations are working to support military children by reaching out to schools and educators.

This approach has touched us deeply at Professor Child. In our film, “Children of Military Families”, the topic of deployment and education came up frequently. In the film, Adam shares that he doesn’t know any children of military families in his school. Khirah shares she is quiet when she is at school because she thinks about her dad “24/7” when he is away. Through the making of this film, we learned that deployment affects every part of a child’s life, including their experience at school.

There are many children of military families in public schools who are experiencing deployment. According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, there are approximately 2 million military children, of which 1.3 million are school-aged. The US Department of Education shares that 80% of those school-aged children attend public schools.

The organizations mentioned above are working with public schools in their areas to support military families and make connections between students and educators. Hopefully, with the help of these two organizations and many others, a network will be created for kids like Adam… and he will come to know he is not alone.

To read more about the above organizations visit:

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