Family Review Center Reviews “Children and Grief” Film

Family Review CenterThe following review is from the Family Review Center.

This DVD and workbook are both raw and sensitive … This shares the inside look at what children of many different ages experience and feel when a loved one passes away. Some hurt quietly, some hurt openly but all hurt. This video gets up close and personal with 10 children, allowing them to articulate what it was like in the beginning and what they continue to struggle with as time passes …

As they are open with their feelings, this will help children going through their own pain to relate and see that it is okay to express what we feel and pain is not an enemy but a way in which healing can begin. It is an open, tender video that I am pleased to be able to share with you. I hope those finding this review when looking for such a resource, will know that this one is worth the effort in purchasing and it will be of help…. Kids giving other kids advice.

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