We are very excited to introduce our first guest bloggers. When we first heard about sisters Anna (13) and Rosalee (13), we knew they had an important story to share. They have spent many hours volunteering their time for “Books Bound For Belize” where they donate and ship books to children in need in Belize. Today, they are sharing their thoughts on generosity. We couldn’t be prouder of these two and hope you can help spread their thoughts on the importance of generosity. Thank you Anna and Rosalee, we have so much to learn from you.


By Anna Land

When I am generous it makes me feel really good. Generosity feels good because you know that the person you are helping is benefiting.

When I help pack books for Belize, it makes me feel good because I think of all the little children in Belize that can now enjoy books. It’s good to know that kids in Belize get to enjoy books just like I do. Children in Belize usually leave school in 6th grade. When we send books down to Belize we want the kids get a proper education.

When it snows my sister and I go to shovel our neighbor’s walks. It feels good to help out our neighbors because some of them are elderly and they could slip in the snow.

What I want people to know about being generous and helping people is that it makes you feel good. It doesn’t even have to be a big thing you do. You could be generous and play with a younger sibling or neighbor. You could even go and walk around your neighbor hood and pick up trash. If you can get out there and be generous with your time you will feel really well and you will know that you are helping people.

by Rosalee Land

Generosity feels good because you know you are helping someone. There are many different ways to show generosity. At my church we made presents for the homeless people. Inside the box we put stuff like toothbrushes, toothpaste, gum, band aids, etc. On the top we wrote “to you, from Jesus.” Along with the present we gave a package called a “Jessie Bag” with food in it. They seemed very surprised to be getting a present instead of money because they stand out there and hope to make just a couple of dollars and then all of the sudden they are actually getting a present for Christmas.

My neighbor gets donated books and sends them down to Belize to schools and I help by packaging and carrying the boxes for her. When I was little I was not able to carry boxes but I did donate books. Everyone that has donated books, even just one, has shown generosity.

Another way you could show generosity is by donating clothes that are too small for you. Also if you have toys or items that you no longer use or want then donate those too. One place you could donate locally (in Central Oregon) is to F.A.N. (Family Access Network.)

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