International Child-Centered Divorce Month

Child Centered Divorce

Did you know that most divorces are initiated in January, following the holidays? That is why the Child-Centered Divorce Network chose January to commemorate International Child-Centered Divorce Month. During the month of January, divorce mediators, attorneys, therapists and other professionals will be offering advice, insights, and complimentary gifts via the Child-Centered Divorce Network.


Their goal is to educate parents about how to prevent negative consequences for children during and after separation or divorce. At Professor Child, we understand the importance of their mission. In the creation of our film, “Children and Divorce”, we learned first hand the importance of focusing on children during this challenging life event. We also learned that divorce is an on-going experience. As children grow and mature, divorce continues to impact their lives.


The idea of creating a positive support system for parents with an emphasis on children’s needs is a wonderful way to begin the divorce process. Our hope is that a child-centered approach at the beginning of a divorce will set a standard for life after the divorce.

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  1. Rosalind Sedacca
    Rosalind Sedacca On January 26, 2015 at 6:46 pm Reply

    Thanks to Professor Child for your endorsement and support of International Child-Centered Divorce Month. Your readers, friends and colleagues who want to access the complimentary resources available all through January can visit:
    We have divorce experts around the world participating. The information, advice and insights provided are priceless — and it’s all free!

    Rosalind Sedacca, CCT
    Founder, Child-Centered Divorce Network

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