Kindness Campaign

We are very excited to introduce our next kid blogger, Ocean (age 9). When we first heard about Ocean’s “kindness campaign”, we knew we wanted to celebrate and share his phenomenal idea. Today, he has been gracious enough to share the thought process behind his kindness campaign. Thank you for being an inspiration to us, Ocean, and for making a difference!

Hi my name is Ocean. I was really tired of mean kids at school. They would say things that hurt other kids feelings and not let them join in games. I would try to stop them from being mean but then they would turn on me. I came up with the idea of starting a Kindness Club. Since talking to kids about being kind was not working I decided to get every kid in class a rainbow colored bracelet (rainbow to represent including all kids) and when a kid is being mean they could just hold up the bracelet and tap it to remind the kid to be kind. Not saying anything means the kid usually does not say anything back and also gives him a minute to stop and think about what he is doing. It works pretty well. If kids learned kindness in school maybe they would not grow up to be terrorists and do horrible things as adults.

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