Moving Up To Middle School Film Trailer

Volume 1 of Moving Up To Middle School

We are so excited to share this sneak peek of our new film series, “Moving Up to Middle School,” which will be released in January, 2016.

The film series consists of three volumes. In Volume 1, “Getting a Grip on Middle School,” kids share their fears and expectations, what’s different, navigating new classes, and the best part.

In Volume 2, “Surviving the Middle School Social Scene,” kids share their experiences with meeting new people, worrying about fitting in, lunch time, getting to class, and dealing with newfound independence and pressures.

In Volume 3, “Problems Solved: Advice from Middle Schoolers,” kids share their advice about middle school in general, including the lockers, the locker room, time management and homework.

To watch a trailer of the film series. please click on the following link.

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