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If you follow Professor Child on Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed our recent posts on Playful Planet. We became aware of Playful Planet following the release of our first film, “Children and Divorce”. A mutual friend put us in touch. She thought our two businesses had a lot in common as we both have a shared focus of empowering kids.

At Professor Child, we believe in empowering kids by giving them a voice and letting them know they are not alone in experiencing challenging life events. At Playful Planet, they believe in empowering kids and families to be healthy and live sustainably. Their earth-conscious, interactive, educational products tie the health and well-being of children to the health and well-being of the planet.

I believe I am a normal neurotic mom, in that I am always thinking about my son; his nutrition, his health, his morality, etc. The list goes on and on. I am also extremely concerned about the health and welfare of our planet. I think about the “earth” my son’s generation is going to inherit. With that in mind, as parents, I think we can all relate to Playful Planet’s positive message of not only thinking about the health of our bodies, but of our planet as well.

Like Professor Child, Playful Planet gets their message across through the medium of film. They produce kid’s yoga DVDs, books, t-shirts and yoga sets. Their “Storyland Yoga” is a nationally recognized, award-winning kid’s yoga video that features easy yoga poses for beginners and a story that engages children by motivating them to do yoga as they imitate animal poses and other kids. Proceeds from each sale are donated to help children and the environment. To watch a brief trailer of “Storyland Yoga”, please click on the following link.

As both of our businesses continue to grow and prosper, we look forward to continuing to share news about Playful Planet with you. We are grateful for their friendship, their mission, and the wonderful advice they’ve given us over the years. Thanks Playful Planet for all that you do!

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