Professor Child to Produce Children’s Meditation CD

Life's Biggest QuestionsProfessor Child is producing a children’s meditation CD, slated to be complete at the end of 2014, which has been in the works since January 2013.  Rory, Jenni and I began facilitating a children’s spirit group (named by the kids “Bigfoot Spirit Group”) that January with an idea of introducing children to guided meditations.  At the beginning of each session, the group of twelve kids ranging in ages 5-12 gets into a comfortable position to listen to a guided meditation.  What is a guided meditation?  By definition it is a form of meditation where a person is verbally guided into a state of consciousness either by a person’s live voice or by a recording of a voice.  In our group, we read the meditation aloud, asking the kids to sit as quietly as they can, with eyes closed to focus on the “story.”  Since that time, we have worked to develop 12 meditations teaching the kids concepts such as the importance of breath, connecting to their own spirit, intuition, mindfulness, kindness, forgiveness, how to use a mantra, finding a peaceful place, daring to be courageous and the power of positive thinking.  At the end of each meditation, we ask the kids to do a variety of art projects to express what that concept meant to them.  When kids are given the opportunity to relax and listen to a guided meditation, what they have shown through their art or had to say about it after is never anything shy of amazing.

The benefits of meditation are considerable across the physical, emotional and spiritual spectrums.  In our kid’s group, the guided meditations have been used to help with teaching mindfulness, learning a deeper way of relaxation, connection to one’s spirit, calmness, peace of mind, building self-confidence, increasing focus and concentration and developing a keener sense of intuition.   The children have grown to really enjoy this part of our group, quickly grabbing a pillow and finding their chosen spot to be in during this time.  I am frequently astonished by their ability to relax and be still.  It is so important to teach this to our children who are growing up in a culture that supports multitasking and living a rushed life.  Meditation is something they can carry with them, wherever they are, throughout their lives to stay centered.

Professor Child believes in children teaching children.  Because the kids in our spirit group have been closely involved in and personally experienced these guided meditations, each meditation will be recorded in one of the children’s voices.  Our hope is that kid’s listening to the meditations will feel comforted by hearing another child’s voice and to help them more quickly connect to the message.  We hope you will all enjoy the meditation as much as we have.

Professor Child’s meditation CD is planned for completion by the end of 2014.  We will keep you posted when it’s ready.  Until then, happy meditating!


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  1. Patsy
    Patsy On November 30, 2015 at 7:22 pm Reply

    I love what you are doing here! I think you may enjoy this as well. A Seashell Meditation for Children introduces meditation in a short story rhyme and uses a seashell as a tool for focus and concentration. Each book offers a qr code that when scanned, background music plays as you read the story to the child. Check it out when you get a moment. Namaste.

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