Service and Sacrifice a review of “Children of Military Families”

Service and Sacrifice by Barbara from The Corner on Character

As you may know, I have a soft spot in my heart for the military. Every eyar, we suppot a group of men and women who are deployed and serving on active duty away from homoe through our Supplies for Our Soldiers project. A few timews we’ve actually Skyped with the soldiers as they open our care packages and thank-you notes. Sometimes, the troops send pictures. We love knowing that our gratitude will ease their burden… if only for a bit.

Sometimes we get notes back, like this one from early January:

Greetings from Afghanistan!

I just got your package of goodies today. I’m glad we decieed to check mail today (even though it usually only comes in on Thursdays). Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do that for me. It truly brought tears to my eyes to know that your whole class participated in putting together the package. The letters that they wrote remind me of my own daughters writing *she’s 8 and in 3rd grade).

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year! Again, thank you so much for your package of goodies. I will be sure to share them with the rest of my team.

First, this solider is a mom. On deployment. In Afghanistan. Can you imagine? Second, it’s humbling that she’s thanking us, for something so small, when her gift to us in gineormous! Then, we find out that she’s got a daughter in the third grade. Quite common, I’m sure, but so hard for me to fathom. That’s why I can’t help but get jazzed when there’s a new resource for Children of Military Families. Because it’s their service and sacrifice that often goes unnoticed and unrecognized.

Service and sacrifice never sounded so real…watch for yourself…prepare to feel their stories.

Honestly and quite candidly, these precious children share their feelings, give advice to peers as well as to paretns, tell us what they’d do if they had a a magic wand, and describe themselves and their experience. And it’s a powerful 46 minutes! Share it with the military kids on your campus to validate their experience and with the others to elevate empathy.

Need a military-themes book or two to go with this DVD?

Sometimes We Were Brave by Pat Brisson

Hero Mom by Melinda Hardin

Night Catch by Brenda Ehrmantraut

The Year of the Jungle The Year of the Jungle by Suzanne Collins

America’s White Table by Margo Theis Raven

On a related not, congratulations to our friends at Professor Child for their award-winning “Children & Grief” DVD, an American Library Association’s prestigious 2014 Notable Children’s Video.

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