The Effects of Divorce on Children

Have you ever wondered about the effects of divorce on children? I have to admit that before we made the video, Children and Divorce, I thought I knew the effects on children but soon realized in hearing their stories that there was so much I did not know. Their insight and perspective on divorce is illuminating and transforming. They share what it feels like, how they were told, what their biggest worries are, and what they have learned from it. I learned so much by simply listening to their stories and I cannot wait for others to benefit by watching this film. It changed my understanding of divorce in so many ways.

From our Children and Divorce DVD, to our upcoming Siblings and Autism DVD, there is so much going on right now at Professor Child. Just this last weekend, Jenni, Sharon and I were given the opportunity to attend Camp Sunrise, a camp for children who have lost a loved one and are grieving. The children, parents, and counselors at the camp were all so amazing. We are really looking forward to reuniting some of the campers when we film our upcoming DVD on grief. Just as in our divorce DVD, I think you will be amazed by their stories of grief, courage, love and healing. We are so grateful for the work we get to do!


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