What to Say to a Child When Someone Dies? Another Children and Grief Film Review

Another film review we are happy to share with you from Marianne Sandling.

What to Say to a Child When Someone Dies?
This is a basic question that you NEVER think to ask yourself, UNTIL you need to…
It’s not a thought that people say, oh, I should know how to help my child deal with grief!
When my brother in law, Lennie, passed away last January VERY unexpectedly, it shocked the entire family to it’s core… more than you could EVER know. Lennie was like glue… he stuck on you hard, and you loved him for it. He WAS my brother… forget the inlaw, he WAS my big brother. He used to call us and say, “I just wanted to hear your voice”. He’d say “I love you baby sis” That’s what he called me… baby sis… because he was the youngest in the family, and now, I was!
I had a chance to do a review on Children Teaching Children About Grief and thought it would be a great opportunity.
I was right. Children Teaching Children About Grief is an amazing tool for a child, and adult! I let my son watch a little of it, I didn’t want to overwhelm him, and he said that he was sad for the child, but glad it wasn’t him. Typical response for him, he’s very sensitive to other’s emotions.

Watching it myself, I was overwhelmed at the strength and poise in some of these children… I lost my own father at a young age, so I have a unique perspective on the subject.

I would suggest this to anyone who’s going through, or (in the event of terminally sick relatives) will be dealing with it soon.

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