A World Cup Lesson

We have had World Cup fever in my house, especially when it comes to cheering on the US soccer team. My son and I have been watching the US games at a local movie theater with his soccer team. The theater has been packed for every game. It has been an amazing experience to watch the games on the big screen and feel the energy of the crowd while we cheer on our team.

My son and his teammates choose to sit in the very front row; front and center. You can literally see the dream beginning to unfold of one day representing their country in the World Cup.

At the last game, when USA played Belgium, something amazing happened. When the US team walked on to the pitch for the national anthem, one of the boys on my son’s soccer team stood up. Easily, he is the smallest boy on the team. From where I was sitting I could barely see his head above the people sitting around him. He stood with his hand over his heart. What happened next brought tears to my eyes.

The boy sitting next to him stood up and put his hand over his heart and slung his arm over the boy’s shoulders. Then my son stood up and walked to the other side of the boy and wrapped his arm around his shoulders. Soon, the whole team was standing side by side, with arms over shoulders and hands over hearts.

Because the boys were standing in the front row, everyone in the theater witnessed this show of national pride and teamsmanship. Here were these twelve year old boys standing up with the USA men’s team on the big screen in front of them, to sing the national anthem. What happened next was simply lovely. A man, sitting near the back of the theater, stood up. And the next thing I knew, the entire theater was standing with hands over their hearts singing the national anthem together as it should be sung… loud and proud.

I love that one boy had the courage to stand up in a theater full of strangers and teach us all a lesson in courage, bravery, and pride. At Professor Child, we believe in children teaching children. But what we have come to realize, is that children can teach children AND adults.

“USA. I believe!”


A World Cup Lesson

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